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18 November 2009
Bottles in Stock
Here's the first group of bottles available for lamps. Sorry for the quality--phone cam isn't stellar.

Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:44 PM
Email the Wolf
15 November 2009
Lamp Pics
The following are some samples of lamps we are currently using in our own home. I'll upload pics of the bottle we have in stock later on. Please consider buying one (or many--they make great XMas gifts!)--instructions are in the previous post.

Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:11 PM
Email the Wolf
11 November 2009
Emergency Lamp Sale
As noted in my FB status update, I'm petitioning for some emergency help in gathering funds for some home plumbing repairs (amongst other financial needs) that have come up. Therefore I offer custom-made lamps from attractive liquor and wine bottles.

The prices are as follows:

Small Lamp (50ml flask size, 350-500ml): $40
Large Lamp (750 ml and larger): $50

(Sorry for the high prices--the shades and other materials aren't cheap, alas. But they are custom-made!)

If you need it shipped, you'll have to click the shipping button as well (which may process separately). I will work out a simpler system when I have time--like I said, something of an emergency. But for those in the area, I can easily arrange to get it to you.

ORDERING PROCESS: You must pay in advance so I can obtain the materials. Send me an email with your request (I can take special orders for bottles not in stock, but either you will need to provide the bottle, or it may be extra for me to obtain one). Click on the purchase button (PayPal) below. Once I receive payment and obtain the materials, I will work quickly to get the lamp to you. If you have any special requests (shade colour, for instance), let me know in the email. Otherwise, I'll pick a shade that fits the colour scheme and shape of the bottle.

Bottles currently in stock:
--one strange bottle with a glass cluster of grapes inside

--Amarone (wine)
--Booker's Bourbon
--Citadelle Gin (blue glass, 2 available)
--Cragganmore Scotch
--Cruzan Rum
--Edradour Scotch
--Flor Proseco (with a fleur-de-lis!)
--Fonseca Tawny Port
--Gabbiano Chianti
--Jose Cuervo Tradicional
--Ketel One Vodka
--Knob Creek Bourbon
--Makers Mark Bourbon
--New Amsterdam Gin (2 available)
--Sandeman Tawny Port
--Scarborough Mead (2 available)
--Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
--Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port
--1 green sake bottle


Shipping Only (if needed--may process as a separate purchase)

Jelly Pinched Wolf   5:58 PM
Email the Wolf