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16 November 2008
Dr. Who Day!
The British Emporium in Grapevine is celebrating the 45th anniversary of Dr. Who this Sunday (23 November). I am so very excited! Time to throw on my scarf and buy some Jelly Babies! Info here:

Dr. Who Day
Jelly Pinched Wolf   6:43 PM
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15 November 2008
Skill: Intimidating Other Teachers
Apparently, my tendency to write complex sentences with depth causes my fellow department members consternation. Likely perverse, but this causes me much joy.

So, yesterday, during a teacher workshop planned for our department on writing and assessment (with a lecturer from A&M), we had a short exercise wherein we read a passage and then were to individually write 2-3 sentences stating the argument or theme in the passage. Very similar to the writing work I did during the summer colloquium, except for the length limitation. So, I proceeded to state it as best and interestingly as I could, 'cause that's what I do. This is what I came up with:

"Man-made structures, including civilisation itself, are ephemeral. Understanding and accepting a city's transitory nature is necessary for a stable and content existence because the city's citizens can focus on essential matters of life and afterlife, and not become distracted by the inevitability of entropy."

Pretty straighforward, neh? Alas, in my reading of it to the group, many became rather insecure regarding their own statements (which were fine in their phrasing, by the way) and didn't want to read theirs after me. Which is ridiculous--I mean, we're all intelligent, capable individuals, and it's not as though I was trying to show anyone up. It's how I think and write, and cannot be helped. It'd be like trying to tell T.S. Eliot to stop being intellectual. Also, it's not that overblown. They should really fear what I would've done with some time to revise and edit. I reckon a few semi-colons later and I'd have come up with quite the Faulknerian line or two.

Still, mayhap I ought develop this skill. I mean, if I can intimidate such fine folk as these with a few hastily scribbled words, just imagine the posibilities....
Jelly Pinched Wolf   2:34 PM
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09 November 2008
'Cause it's funny.

Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:33 PM
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