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14 October 2007
This 'n' That
As expected, the blog has been pretty durned low on my list of things to attend to as this year has progressed. For once, though, this has had less to do with exceeding busyness (though I've had plenty of those moments) and more to do with simply having more important and interesting things to do than to blather on about me own self.

But, now that first quarter's come to a close, and I have a few moments, I thought I'd play a bit of catch-up. So, things what need to be said:

Having grown tired of quite so long a drive to the school, and not wishing to cause further hemorrhaging to our finances (since our current apartment decided to raise the rent again upon renewal), kashi and I have decided to move. For the first time since coming to Texas for college, I will not be living in either Irving or Dallas County. No more yuppy-fied neighbourhood. No more lousy Kroger that never stocks properly and always keeps rotting broccoli on the shelves. And best of all, not more blasted gated community with pathetically limited parking! Woot! So, at the end of this month, we shall be a bit further west, and (at least we hope) much happier.

Yesterday, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Nothing schmancy, but it was a terrifically fun evening nevertheless. I tried a new beer at Trinity Hall in Dallas, and I must say, 'twas love at first sip. It's called Storm King, by Victory Brewing Co. 'Tis as dark as the darkest regions of Tartarus, rich, strong, bitter with a hint of sweetness, and distinctly coffee-flavoured. So very tasty!

Otherwise, I can't say there's been much more of interest. School is going along fine (100% pass rate for first quarter! I am amazed!). Sales on my collection amount almost exclusively to family, alas, but oh, well. At least I can say I'm in some form of print. Generally, life is pretty good.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   2:20 PM
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