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26 July 2007
Done and Done!
Finished my summer class today. All portfolio materials turned in (including the final exam), and I am confident I'll make an "A". Now I've got about a week and a half to mentally prepare for the new school year.

More important than this, however, is that I finished Deathly Hallows last night. I'll not say anything about the story, but merely give my brief assessment: Beautiful! Could not have been better.

The book has been a source of much conversation betwixt me and kashi as regards fandom, and some serious issues therein. Mayhap I'll post our thoughts sometime soon. Until then, I sleep.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:51 PM
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Smart Quiz
I am smarter than 93.18% of the rest of the world.
Find out how smart you are.

I admit, I had to guess at a couple of these, but this is is a serious ego booster! I only wish it told which one I missed...

Via Happy Catholic
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:40 PM
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25 July 2007
Update to the Update
Right then. Though I had to close my shop and re-open it in order to fix the problem, The Unveiled Clepsydra is now available again with no issues (so far as I know). So, should anyone wish to purchase a lovely and handsome copy of verse, have at it!

And now that I've finished the last of my work for my summer class, back to The Deathly Hallows!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   7:28 PM
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22 July 2007
Unveiled Clepsydra Update
I've received my copy of the poetry collection I self-published, and it looks good. I decided to make a slight top margin change to the document for future copies (just to give it a smidge more room on top) and had to delete a stray quotation mark, but otherwise I'm really pleased.

The problem now is that in switching out the .pdf on Cafepress, my store has freaked out and will neither let me change the file nor add new ones. Apparently there's now a bug in my storefront, and the IT people of Cafepress are working on it. All this is to say that if you ordered a copy (like Mama T--thank you!) or were planning on doing so, give it a day or so to get sorted out, and all should be good. I hope.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:05 PM
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20 July 2007
New (ish) Blog
It's taken me nigh on half the month to notice (I'm just not the blog watcher I used to be, I guess), but Meredith over at
Basia Me, Catholica Sum has hung up her hat. But, not to fear, she's started a new blog with a focus on poetry. This just warms my heart--we need more intelligent people out there talking out poetry. Real poetry, that is--not the gush your feelings in bland language with no sense of the traditions of rhythm and metre kind that passes for verse these days.

Anyway, because her focus has changed, I'm moving her to The Stacks, but don't think this means the new site is any less worth going to. After all, two of my best friends are in The Stacks--'tis not a bad place to be, even if the name might imply otherwise.

I'll keep Basia Me linked a bit longer for archive viewing purposes, but the new site, happily titled For Keats' Sake!, is here.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:28 AM
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19 July 2007
Sorcery and Cecilia
Before my class started two weeks ago, I managed to do rather a bit of reading during my summer break (especially for the somewhat slow reader that I am). I managed to burn through the last three (or was it four?) Dresden novels, and am merely waiting for White Knight to be released in paperback sometime this year so I can read it. I read the summer reading selection for our school, which I had been dreading, but was particularly surprised by. It's called The Kite Runner, and is one of those books that's on all the critics' lists and would be considered a terribly "important" book. As it turns out, it's also a really good tale. The narrator's hard to like for much of it (though that's the point) and there are some really harsh scenes in it, but I confess to having found it quite moving and a very good read. I also re-read The Scarlet Letter, since I'll be teaching it this year, and am again staggered by the beauty and complexity of Hawthorne's prose. Just a gorgeous book.

The last book I read before taking up Moby Dick (which I get to teach in my AP class) and beginning my summer education class is one I particularly wish to share with those remaining readers I have. It's called Sorcery and Cecilia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, and was written by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. First, a warning: Should you check out
Amazon's page for this book, avoid any review mentioning Harry Potter. As with so many books these days, Sorcery suffers the "comparison-with-some-other-great-work-of-fantasy" issue with unimaginative readers. They'll say, "It's just like Tolkien, but with robots!" or "It's just like Harry Potter except darker!" Blech. I'm so tired of hearing this, especially when it's not really applicable. For example, people keep comparing Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to Harry Potter, and I can only imagine that these people haven't actually read Strange & Norrell. It has more in common with the writings of both Patrick O'Brian and Jane Austen than Rowling. Not to mention that the book took Clarke over ten years to write (and boy howdy did that make me feel better about my own novel), which means she started it three years before Rowling published Sorcerer's Stone. But oh, how people love to play the "She must have been influenced by" game just because two books happen to be about magic. As the characters in Sorcery might say, it is the outside of enough. Sigh.

Okay, mini-rant over.

If one were to compare Sorcery with other works, Austen would be the best bet. Wrede and Stevermer have written a Regency novel of magic, humour, and romance, and done it epistolary style. It started as a game between the two authors in which they wrote letters to each other in character. The characters, cousins Cecy and Kate, relate their adventures in society via their correspondence, and the result is lively, engaging, and often hilarious. There are now two sequels to the book, The Grand Tour and The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After. I greatly look forward to reading these, and highly recommend to anyone the first.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   10:08 PM
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Voyage to Ruin Update
As a follow-up to my
previous mention of Voyage to Ruin which was recently published by H.L. Trombley and for which my wife kashi supplied the interiour illustrations, the book is now available on Unfortunately, they have not seen fit to discount it, so if anyone wished to buy it but was waiting for a cheaper option, I'm sorry to say it's not yet there. They may be waiting to see if it's moving enough volume to be worthwhile--I don't know. Anyway, if anyone was waiting, best to just go ahead and order from Lulu. The book is really worth it, and as a not inconsiderable side note, you'll be supporting kashi's art career, which is a noble thing indeed. Least, I think so.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:23 PM
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Cheery News and Wishes
Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish friend
Flambeaux both a Happy Birthday and also congratulations. As of yesterday, he and his wife added new baby Robert Charles Francis to the family. For those who know them, mother and baby are doing just fine. Congrats!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:17 PM
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18 July 2007
Unfortunately, the closest thing to a digicam we have is my phone, so this isn't very great quality. At least I managed to lighten it somewhat in Photoshop. Anyway, here's a pic of our new kitten, Anathema.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:05 AM
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17 July 2007
I Try To Be Good, Really

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

Via Happy Catholic
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:01 PM
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Simpsons Avatar
I linked to this a few weeks ago off
Julie D's site, and thought it'd be fun to have my own personal Simpsons avatar. Alas, this is the first chance I've had to post it. Non-Wolf version only, unfortunately:

Via Happy Catholic
Jelly Pinched Wolf   10:38 PM
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15 July 2007
The Unveiled Clepsydra
It's done! Apparently, Cafepress has no proofing process for book publishing like Lulu does, so without further ado, I offer you the link to my first collection of poetry, The Unveiled Clepsydra.

The Unveiled Clepsydra

There shouldn't be any issues with the publication, but if there are, I'll fix them soon. I'm ordering my own copy today, so within a week or two, I should be able to fix anything (though I'm pretty darned confident it'll be fine). I will be eternally grateful to anyone who buys it and spreads the word to others.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   6:47 PM
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14 July 2007
In Brief...
Lots of doings have been afoot, and this is the first chance I've really had to post.

In as few words as possible (which'll be a real challenge for me), here are the highlights:

  1. We saw Ratatouille on opening night. Absolutely amazing film. Brilliant and beautiful.
  2. We spent the week of the 4th of July in kashi's hometown, which has become a tradition these last years. It was terrifically refreshing to get out of DFW and relax a bit. Plus, it's just really wonderful spending time with kashi's family--they're good people. Alas, that Kansan town is dying fast. You can see it written on the walls of every building, in the faces of the people. And the few who seem to care can't do a darn thing to stop it. It's sad, and I fear all too common an occurrence in the rural midwest these days.
  3. While in Kansas, we were beset by an adorable little stray kitten (the town's rife with strays) for a day and a half, at which point we decided he was coming home with us. And that was the point at which he decided to stop coming around. Alas, as we were already committed to the idea, we decided to help out a family from our parish who had recently rescued a passel of kitten whose mother had abandoned them. We'd been resisting, but now felt obligated to give one a home. You know, stewardship an' all. Plus, we're really just big softies. So now, little Anathema (as we call her) is busy being terribly cute and annoying the other two cats, who have yet to warm up to the interloper.
  4. I've begun my summer class in Instructional Principles. So far, it has done little but confirm that yes, I actually know what I'm doing as a teacher, and am not half bad at it. Happily, it's also not much of a time suck, which leads to the next item.
  5. Though my novel yet awaits cover art and is thus in a holding pattern, I have finished putting together a collection of poetry, and will have it on Cafepress within a week or so. The final poem, "Interstices," is a poem in nine parts, which I started nigh on a decade ago. It went through some revisions over the last year, and then I finished the last part a week ago. It's nice--gives one a sense of accomplishment. The collection is titled The Unveiled Clepsydra, after, I'd argue, the best poem in the collection. I'll post the link once it's available, and mayhap someone will buy it.
  6. Saw Order of the Phoenix the other night, thanks to some unloading we did at Half-Price. Highly disappointing movie. You get no review--go read Dr. Swietek's; I rarely agree with him, but here he's spot on.

Right. I reckon that brings us up to speed. There're a few posts I need to write, but they'll have to wait until I'm a bit less scattered.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:46 PM
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