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07 September 2006
For the first time in my life, I have a new car. Not a new-to-me car, but a new car. We hadn't planned on getting one (we've been operating with very tight belts, and even got ourselves a financial advisor), but it became necessary.

See, on the way to work Tuesday, I ran over something. I have no idea what the something was, just that the truck in front of me ran over it with reckless abandon, and so I had no idea there was a something in the way until I, too, was going over it. My car seemed a little odd in the aftermath, but not terribly different. When I left in the afternoon, however, it quickly became apparent that not all was well in the state of Pontiac. Turns out the transmission mounts broke, and the torque converter went because of that. So, yesterday I made use of Kia's deal whereby they give you $3000 on a trade-in, regardless of condition, and obtained me a 2006 Kia Spectra. I would've loved an Amanti, which has a Jaguar feel, but it's way out of our affordability. Plus, I've very quickly come to love my little car. She's fast and zippy and actually has A/C. I haven't had air conditioning in about two years now. Oh, frabjous day!

Still need a name for her. Kashi has suggested "Frisante," which, I must confess, I kinda like. But we shall see.

For now, I'm just thrilled to have a car that doesn't suck.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   5:20 PM
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I See...
So, I had a realisation last week regarding teaching.

When lecture has failed, and discussion has failed, and all manner of other approaches have failed to help students make the necessary connections for understanding, then there is only one thing to do.

Stand on a chair. In an instant, it'll all come together for them.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   5:14 PM
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