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20 January 2006
Yesterday, I had my first formal observation by my department head, which is the process by which the school determines whether or not I am a lame teacher. No official report yet, but my department head at least mentioned in an email that he really enjoyed the class. So, good sign and much relief.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   7:35 AM
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12 January 2006
Habitual Weirdnesses
So, a while back I was tagged by Don of Mixolydian Mode on the following list, but alas, massive busyness has kept me from actually responding. Finally, in a brief moment of freedom, I give it to you. I'm not tagging anyone, because my blog-watching happens about as frequently as my posting lately--if you're interested, run with it.

Rules: "The first player of this game starts with the topic "five weird habits of yourself," and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don't forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says "You are tagged" (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours."

I'm not sure how weird these things actually are, but they're the best I could come up with.

1. I spell words like the British. The closest I've been to England is New England, where I was born and raised, but I've always preferred the British spellings of words like "colour" or "scandalise" or "theatre."

2. Though I drive an automatic, and have for well on nigh ten years now, I still rest my hand on the gear shift when I drive, as if it were a standard transmission and there were shifting to be done.

3. I type very emphatically. I don't necessarily pound the keys, but one can certainly hear me type from across the room. Often, when I've dashed off a particularly good line of prose, it can be rather loud. Or so my wife tells me.

4. I think backwards. Or at least I explain things backwards. Often, when describing something, or explaining an idea, I'll start with the end, then work on filling in the details. Since the end doesn't often include the subject of what I'm talking about, it can be very confusing until I reach the beginning. Again, or so I'm told. Happily, I don't seem to do this much while teaching.

5. I offer spurious explanations for things. Personally, I think they're completely good reasons, but apparently solar flares don't often have an effect on the rate of decay of the broccoli in our refrigerator. For example.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:02 AM
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11 January 2006
Moby Dick, the Great White Blog
kashi and some animators with whom she's acquainted have begun a blog devoted to their proposed trailer for an animated Moby Dick movie. They're in pre-vis right now, but if you have any interest in checking out their progress, do stop in from time to time, and feel free to leave comments. It's quite an exciting project, and with luck they can use the trailer to make a pitch for a full-length feature.

Link is
here and over on the sidebar.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:39 AM
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01 January 2006
To Sum Up
Though classes don't start again until Tuesday, I've got an in-service thingie tomorrow, which means today be the last day of me Christmas vacation. And so, I thought it might do to give a bit of a recap before diving into Spring semester, which, though it ought to be more relaxed than last semester, is likely to keep the blog posts to a minimum. Frankly, my wife is far more important than posting, so I'd rather divert any time I could blog to her. (Heck, my students are more important than blogging, for that matter--they deserve my time more than this little diversion.)

So, had a lovely Christmas, visiting with friends and generally relaxing. Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve was a terrific Solemn High Mass with carols. We even got to have a deacon, as one of our seminarians recently was ordained to the diaconate. Very beautiful, and full of all the right pomp and circumstance. Not to mention the reverence and awe at the coming of our Lord. All this followed by Mass of the Day on Sunday, and a full course meal cooked by yours truly for about ten friends. I bought kashi the pipe she's been longing for but never thought to get, and ended up using some Christmas money to buy one for meself as well. Couldn't resist the lure--they're just so darned distinguished! Learning how to smoke it now, and expect to be for some time, but it's very interesting, and surprisingly enjoyable.

We had our Christmas party this past Friday (the 30th), which was a tremendous success. We even got crashed by some neighbours who thought it would be amusing to throw tortillas and lunch meats off their balcony onto ours, then came by to apologise and join the festivities. Amiable enough chaps, at least. The twelve days of Christmas are so wonderful. Looking at Christmas Day as a beginning to the celebrations, and not the end is exceeding refreshing. We even waited until this week to send out Christmas cards, which defeats the stress of doing it pre-holiday.

Actually managed to get a spot of writing done as well. Or at least some editing and enhancing on an old Reynard story. And I've been looking at submitting poetry to a new online publication for Catholic writers which has been getting some good buzz, and looks quite intriguing. Speaking of poetry, I've finally secured a location for the poetry night I've been planning. My hope, since I'll be covering a goodly bit of poetry this quarter, is to get some of my students involved. I know at least a few are really into poetry, so mayhap I'll be able to get them to step up to the mic. Plans are sketchy right now, but it'll be held toward the end of February, and I'll announce further info here as it becomes available, in case anyone out there's interested. Note, it will not be a "poetry slam" as those sorts of things go against everything that poetry ought to be.

Speaking of students, I need to go rest up now so I can be fresh for classes on Tuesday. New semester, new beginning. Also, I've got over a hundred research papers to grade in the next nine weeks, so I'll need all the rest I can get. So, until next time, I hope all have had a good holiday. May 2006 bring nothing but the best and most blessed events.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:22 PM
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