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21 October 2005
El Dog*
According to one of the Spanish teachers, "El Dog" is the nickname being used for me by a couple of my students. She assures me this is an approbation of the highest sort, and that they claim me as their favourite teacher, though I find myself still wary. Either way, I find it terribly amusing. Been called many things in my life, but "El Dog" is not one I'd have imagined.

*UPDATE: I've been informed by a helpful student that the nickname is actually "L-Dog." The construction is as follows: 1) my last name begins with "L" and 2) "dog" is used as a synonym for friend, like "homey" or "dude." All this says is that I am terribly out of touch with today's youth culture, and yet seem to be at least cool enough to warrant such a nickname. As the Japanese say, "omoshiroii."
Jelly Pinched Wolf   5:53 PM
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14 October 2005
Serenity Crit
Terrific post on C.S. Lewis and Whedon's Serenity by Dr. Bruce Edwards
here. Good prep reading for my propsed notion of connecting King Lear with the movie. Must find time to get on this project!

*Much thanks to Happy Catholic for providing the link!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:07 AM
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Beautiful Music
Last evening, as a beginning to the celebration of our fourth wedding anniversary, kashi and I attended a small concert in Fort Worth performed by the Schola Cantorum, which is the choir of Assumption Seminary in San Antonio. We were treated to beautiful Gregorian Chant, Renaissance polyphony, and other sacred music, including a gorgeously haunting Ave Maria, arranged by conductor Ray McDaniel. In addition, we got to hear this lovely singing in the wonderful architecture of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. If you have a chance check it out--the rood screen and rose window alone are worth a trip. Website is
here and there's a link to more information on the Schola Cantorum here.

The Cantorum's performing in Granbury tonight and then in Muenster on Saturday and Sunday, if anyone can make one of those. Most certainly worth your while.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:49 AM
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09 October 2005
"The Ghost of Lear in Joss Whedon's Serenity"
Which, should I ever find the time, will be the title of an essay I intend to write.

So, to catch up:

Just finished up the first quarter at school with two weeks of grading the following: 110 essays, 85 tests, 85 book reports, 25 creative projects, plus various assorted other assignments and such. Grades went in on Friday, and out of 110 kids, I've only got four failures, which I figure's not bad. And after all that, I still say grading's not terrible at all. Nice and purgative, really. And boy howdy is it teaching me to be organised.

As regards the title of the post, we saw Serenity opening night a couple Fridays ago, and then I got to attend an all-day symposium on King Lear on Saturday. Some of the thematic similarities between the two works are just astounding, and I really do hope to write the essay sometime soon. Alas, we shall see. We actually saw the movie again this past Friday, as it was just that good. Emotionally riveting, and puts any other sci-fi out there to shame.

This Thursday, kashi and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. Strange how it can at once seem as though we've been together forever, and also as though we've only just begun (not to bring to mind a cheesy song). Strange, and wonderful.

I reckon that's about it. Tomorrow's a day of rest, and then Tuesday I dive back in for second quarter. Good night, and pleasant dreams, me friends.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:08 PM
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