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27 June 2004
A bit late, I'm afraid, but this evening's the first chance I've had to post anything. And indeed, Mama T over at Summa Mamas (
here and here) has pretty much said all what needs saying about the event, so I'll be brief.

Our parish had its tenth anniversary celebration Mass this past Friday evening--ten years since its en masse conversion from Anglican to Roman Catholic. We (kashi and I) are but a few months new to the parish, but before we'd even made it into communion with Rome ourselves, we knew St. Mary's was home. It's a wonderful place to be, with wonderful fellow parishioners, and wonderful shepherds to lead us. And the celebration was cracking good. kashi has added her voice to the choir, and as Mama T mentioned, they all did an excellent job. Top notch. And as usual with Father Clay's impassioned, laudatory speeches, I confess I got a bit misty-eyed at the dinner afterwards. I could blame the wine, but I know it's because he was just saying what we all feel. Father Allan (and all of St. Mary's, really) is a blessing.

Again, it's a wonderful place to be.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:46 PM
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24 June 2004
On Being a Side Dish
Earlier this evening, kashi said to me, "You know what we are like? We are like a twice-baked potato."

Thought I'd share.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:23 PM
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Mea Culpa
Even as a scion of Rockstupidity, I think this laxness may be unforgivable.

After far too long, I have finally gotten around to adding some blogs to the links sections. If you're one of the ones what got left out, The Wolf smiles sheepishly and humbly cries your pardon.

Oh, and look! (note the distraction) The links are actually alphabetised* now, too! Amazing what I can do when I actually manage to get off my butt, isn't it?

*Okay, I realise that technically I shouldn't be alphabetising by the word "the," but rather the first word after it, but in a list o' links, this is just more aesthetically pleasing to the Wolf, so deal.

**Though slightly less aesthetically pleasing to me, I have since switched to the proper form by moving the "the" to the end of each blog name, on a suggestion from kashi. The links are patterned after a card catalogue, after all--might as well keep with the theme.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:25 PM
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20 June 2004
Bad Joke
I'm afraid I haven't had much to say of late--mostly, I've been engrossed in Part VI of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Song of Susannah, which is so very good. If King can end the series as well as he's maintained it so far throughout, then I truly believe this is the work he'll be remembered for. He himself admits that this is the story to which most of his other works have been pointing. And it goes far beyond popular fiction (though it is that as well). The Dark Tower shows that King is a force to be reckoned with in the literary world--and he has managed to do it without being all post-modern, which is a tremendous relief (and unfortunately is the only thing I can think of that might keep the series from being considered a classic down the road a pace).

Anyhoo, 'sides that, I've just been gearing up for wooing an agent to take me on as client and sell me own blasted novel, and so there's not been much to blog about. Nor will there likely be much in the near future. I'll pop in as needed--just don't expect more than a post or two a week.

For now, though, here's a really bad joke I came up with the other day whilst thinking about the story for my second novel ('least I hope I came up with it--never heard it before myself):

Two demon overlords are standing on a platform, inspecting their respective demon hordes before sending them out into the world to do all sorts of evil and mischief.

The first demon is in charge of all the succubi and incubi and so forth, so all his devils are trim and svelte--pretty darned attractive for demons, really.

The second demon, though, is lord of all the slothful and gluttonous devils, so they're all fat and slovenly and disgusting.

So, the first overlord turns to the second and says, "Man, you've really got to exercise* your demons."

*It's scary how many people, just from a random Google search, seem to think this is how you spell "exorcise." At a glance, none seemed to be making use of the comedic attributes of these homophones--or even be aware there was a difference.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:18 PM
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10 June 2004
Done and Done
Did I mention I'm done? Done, done, done, done, done. I am so done. Finished, you might say. Through. Completed. Fini. Ended. Concluded. Done.

Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:25 PM
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09 June 2004
And Then There Was One
I believe several civilisations have come and gone in the time since I started this novel, but now, it truly is nearly done. I have just finished editing the second-to-last chapter, leaving good ol' Chapter Thirty-Three. The Epilogue, as it turns out, is already done. At some urging from kashi (well, in her own words, bullying), I rewrote much of the Epilogue, turning it from a preachy mess into a nice, little glimpse of aftermath. So, there're but sixteen pages left, and since I was really humming along by that point, there's actually very little to edit. Barring any major distractions (is there a patron saint of good attention spans?), this pup'll be done tomorrow eve. Just in time for a wee bit o' weekend celebration, methinks.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:59 PM
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02 June 2004
Birthdays Abound
June is rife with birthdays amongst those I know.

Today is the birthday of friend Laura (better half of Lauki--see
Wasted Words), so Happy Birday, Laura! (not a misspell--it's an in-joke).

To those others coming up (or possibly past), I know not the exact date, but only have a general idea, so if the loved ones of these people--you know who you are--could shoot me an email, I'll be sure the wishes get done on the appropriate day (or backdated if need be!).
Jelly Pinched Wolf   1:12 PM
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01 June 2004
Happy Birthday!
Today is my wife kashi's birthday. Since I'd already given her a gift a couple weeks early, and since her surprise party was this past Saturday, I wanted to make sure I had something else to give her on her actual birthday--besides some simple wishes. And so, a bit over a week ago, I began work on the following poem. I fear I'm still not up to the level I was at a couple years ago, but I'm pretty pleased with it. Given her love of the genre, I went with a somewhat nautical theme, which I hope she likes.

So, here you go, my kashi! And have a wonderful birthday!

The Unveiled Clepsydra

Spire this fragile talent in golden song once more,
O sweet donna of the unbroken word,
And enlighten the birth of this kindled daughter.
Unship the sediment of becalmed age,
Freeing us to sing twin├Ęd tales to untrained ears.

In these vagrant hours, framing peregrine borders,
The sapphire shards of nameless seas herald
A lamp in Slumbering Heaven to counsel us.
Once, in days lost, we jousted Tartan fish
And stalked phantom fliers across fallow vistas,

Driven by a rimy and pierced spirit, knowing
Only the blue, and deep, and fleeting end.
But this newfledged cinder of joy luminous burns,
Unmoved by the inconstant, cycling wind,
Visioning new worlds, unseen and unheard in time.

And now, in fixed compass consolation we sweep,
A brace of designs fused in clement breath,
Wearing no more in the vapour of maledict
Frills, but swathed in this troth: That our captain
Scribed the course, and each tone of the hour is our prize.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   7:04 AM
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