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17 September 2003
Snappy Earth Clay to Me!

A bit late, I'm afraid. Been trying to post this all week, but the time just has not been available.

So, this past Friday was my 30th birthday, and it passed uneventfully, but pleasantly, as my wife and I had a quiet evening at home enjoying the yummy cherry crisp that she made for me.

The following night, we were to join some friends for dinner. Delays ensued, my wife's wallet was forgotten, and lo and behold, upon returning home to retrieve said wallet, friends and family awaited in our apartment to surprise the heck out of me with a party. There were many odd clues that should have tipped me off, but my wife and friends have certainly got the misdirection thing down, and I was taken unawares.

So, I just wanted to say to all those who came (and to me mum who thought up the party and planned most of it), thank you! It was a most fun evening, the presents were happifying, and the company terrific. 'Twas a most snappy earth clay for the Jelly-Pinched Wolf, to be certain. Thankee-sai!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   10:09 PM
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09 September 2003
Hired! (or "Flying Elves Are Back!")

If you didn't get the MST3K ref, I apologise. It was just too perfect to pass up.

Fifteen minutes before five today, an email came through from HR to my manager asking her to inform them of a start date for one Jelly-Pinched Wolf. She called immediately and asked if tomorrow was all right. They said (paraphrasing here, as I was not privy to their side of the conversation). "Why, certainly." And that was that. The temp agency's been informed, my final timesheet has been faxed, and tomorrow I shall walk in as a permanent employee.

Pure elation.

This means overtime. This means insurance (which is 100% covered by the company for both me and my wife). This means security. I will still be most happy the day I can hang the day job completely and write full time, but at least until I reach a published status, this is just sweet. And only days before my birthday. I ask you, what could be better?
Jelly Pinched Wolf   6:10 PM
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06 September 2003
Just In Case

Not that I expect anything, but should anyone out there be feeling philanthropic and wish to give the Jelly-Pinched Wolf a gift of some sort, I've added a link to my wish list to the link section over on the left there. It's not as though there's any special occasion, or anything. Certainly not something that rhymes with "earth clay."

If anything, you might see something interesting there that you've never heard of and want to try it out for yourself. Of course, if you're feeling generous, I certainly will not object.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   3:01 PM
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Job News

Not wanting to jinx anything, I haven't said much about the job of late, but now that things are proceeding apace, I shall share. Looks like I will cease to be a temp pretty soon and become a permanent employee. Indeed, it may be as soon as next week (which our bank account would surely appreciate). Yesterday, I had an interview, which it turns out was little more than a formality. It amounted to a handshake, a couple of general questions, and lots of chatting with my manager. The paperwork is done, the gentleman I met with has no issues with hiring me on, and all we have to wait for is HR to get the president to sign off on it. My manager's been pushing it through like crazy--partly 'cause she just wants me on as part of her staff, and partly because we're getting ready to move into the heavy processing season, and she can't pay me overtime unless I'm an official part of the company. Oh, but how I am looking forward to overtime. Not the actual working, mind you--just the payment part of it. Kathy and I have done rather well on just the one income, but it hasn't left us with much of a cushion (meaning no cushion at all) for emergencies, like losing a tooth, or having a car croak. Now's the time when we can actually start building up something of a safety net, and go out once in a while without feeling guilty about it.

So, updates shall be forthcoming, but things look good, and with luck it'll be in place sometime next week. Pleased as punch is the Jelly-Pinched Wolf.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   2:46 PM
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04 September 2003

Truly, I am sorry about the titles lately. But if I'm to post at all, I'm afraid some creativity has to be sacrificed somewhere. And frankly, this worked far better than another "Great Novel Edit" update title might have.

So, in addition to hanging out with dear friends, seeing family, losing teeth, and driving more than I care to say this past weekend, I also crossed another milestone with the novel. I had made it a goal to finish the major editing by September 1. Alas, I made this goal to myself the week before, knowing full well we'd be out of town Labour Day weekend. And so, much of the weekend passed by, and not once did I so much as pull out the laptop. On August 30, however, I was determined. Even on only about 4 hours of sleep, I managed to plow through the last three chapters and the epilogue while Kathy and her dad were shooting at things and enjoying the night sky (see her blog over at Synonyms and Sugar). It did help that those chapters were pretty darned polished already, but still, I'm rather proud of myself. So, that, at least, is done.

Now I'm just waiting for Kathy to have her next break from school before printing out a hard copy that we can both read through and catch any of the last little trifles that may yet need to be edited. Mostly, though, this reading will be to make sure it reads well and is as hard to put down as I hope. So, a few more weeks, and it's time to start looking for an agent. Ah, yes, the horizon is in sight.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:11 PM
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03 September 2003
The Whole Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth

I lied. Actually, as it turns out, it's more of a half tooth.

Many adventures this past weekend, much of which involved being in a car for long hours and not being all that adventurous. But we saw friends, and that was quite wonderful. Alas, on the way home, I lost a tooth. Here we were in Liberal, Kansas, making our way back out onto the main road, when a mischievous little gummy worm decided it did not care much for the tooth right before where my Wisdom Tooth would be if it ever decided to rip through the gums. Out came the tooth, along with the crown that had covered it. And now I've got a gaping hole up there. Sigh.

Saw Dr. Jones today, and the tooth can be saved since only about half actually came out. Alas, this will involve a trip to a periodontist to have my gums worked on so that there's enough tooth for Dr. Jones to work with. Stupid teeth. You cut out sodas, avoid candy (except the occasional roadtrip necessity, of course), even reduce the sugar in your precious coffee, brush and floss regularly--and where does it get you? Spitting out half a tooth in Liberal, Kansas, that's where.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:43 PM
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