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22 July 2003
"Let me explain ... no, there is too much. Let me sum up."

At this point, actually, I can, at best, encapsulate. Briefly. But hey, I'm posting. Shocked?

We've got a new system here at work. Work, however, is the last thing it does. We've been told to hang out, read a book, whatever. We can work, of course, but that doesn't mean the system will actually process anything correctly. So much fun. On the other hand, I've got some free time here where my manager doesn't mind if we're online, so I might as well use the time to good purpose, right? Tomorrow, I think I'll be getting a bit of editing done on the novel.

Which brings me to update item number one, I guess. Not much point in trying to figure out what day I'm on in the editing. I have been lax, alas, but it's proceeding fairly well. I'm over the halfway point now (both in chapter number and page number), and it reads well. Making some good grammatical corrections, and keeping details consistent throughout the story. Hopefully soon, we'll be moving to stage two, in which my wife and I both read through a hard copy and put the final polishing touches on it.

As these are things which were originally contained in the below dead post, let me truly sum up, as they have lost the immediate impact they once had.

Grandmother is now remarried; saw my dad for the first time since my wedding, nigh two years ago; saw my sister for the first time in something like seven years, and my wife finally got to meet her (though, alas, during the hub-bub of the wedding). Flew stand-by--it sucked. Lesson learned: stand-by is a curse, a special kind of hell that could only have been dreamt up by the most twisted and sinister of minds. Also, one should avoid the Atlanta airport on a weekend at all costs.

There was also another wedding back at the beginning of June. This, more than many things, I've been wanting to post on for a while. Our good friends Jonathon and Rufel, after nigh a decade together, finally made their way to the altar. It was a lovely affair, and a terrifically fun reception. I must confess, though, that the best part for me was getting to perform the duties of usher. You see, Jonathon asked myself and my three rock-stupid brethren to serve as ushers--though with a twist. We were given radio ear-pieces, and were asked to don black suits and sunglasses to fill out the Men In Black image (though I believe I definitely had more of an Agent Smith thing going on, which pleaseth me just fine, thank you very much). The look was perfect, the effect even better. Using the earpieces, we managed to keep things moving smoothly through the wedding, and thereby take any unnecessary pressure off J&R (we hope!). But the best part was the reaction from the random people in the hotel where the reception was held. The looks and the whispers about what the Secret Service was doing there were absolutely priceless. Goodness, but it was fun!

Anyway, though I've already extended them in person, I've been wanting for some time to put it up here. Jonathon, Rufel--congratulations, guys!

Lessee. Final item--the job. It's looking like I'll be hired on permanently come September, and I'm pleased about this. It's not the sort of thing I'll want to do forever. Only writing can fill that spot. But for now, it's a good job. And for whilst my beloved is in animation school, it'll keep us afloat (not to mention the long-missed insurance I'll finally have). Also, it keeps me busy, and makes the day just fly right by. The people in my new department are terrific and a lot of fun. Really, I couldn't have asked for better. The only downside--far too busy to mess around online during the day, and I certainly haven't been feeling like doing much online in the evenings. Hence the lack of posts. So, I'll post when the spirit moves me, but don't count on much. I haven't even been reading NRO--much removed am I from the more political issues lately. Oh, well.

And that be it for now from the Jelly-Pinched Wolf. More than brief, but not so lengthy as the dead post. At least it's the post that's dead and not me.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:38 PM
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