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31 January 2003

Well, some of the questions are a bit out there, and I'm not entirely sure I fit the profile, but this is interesting nonetheless.

Which Evil Criminal are You?


"Congratulations, you're Elizabeth Bathory!

Hailing from sunny Transylvania, your first blood-related incident was when you stabbed a servant girl in the face with a pair of scissors for underperforming. Some of the red spray landed on your hands, and as you washed it off, you noticed that it left your skin fresh and young looking. From then on you were convinced that the blood of young girls was the secret to eternal youth.

Rather than killing girls outright by stabbing them or slitting their throats, you enjoy torturing them for weeks on end by pricking them with needles or prodding with sharp spikes - all to bathe in their blood. You've killed over six hundred women, all without raising a peep from the authorities."
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:52 AM
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24 January 2003
Kids' brains taste better when they've been thinking about donuts!

One of the nice ladies I work with brought in some yummy doughnuts for us this morning. It's cold in Dallas, and I've got some warm coffee in hand.

Yes, this is how a Friday should begin.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:59 AM
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22 January 2003
I've Got a Theory

And it ain't bunnies.

The future of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a little up in the air. This season may be it's last. Or it may continue on without Sarah Michelle Gellar in some new form next season. Or Gellar may even surprise us all and stay on for one more season. Very few know outside Joss Whedon and his ilk. As for myself, I'm fine with not knowing until the very end.

But after last night, I've got a theory (which may be stupidly obvious, but I'm going to spout off about it anyway) about what the future might hold if the series does continue--with or without its titular character. Last night's episode was rather Dawn-centric. Before this season, that would've been a bad thing, but Dawn's gotten much cooler recently. She will not, thankfully, become a Slayer, though. My theory is this: while Dawn is not a Slayer-in-training, she may very well be a Watcher-in-training. The world now has a distinct lack of Watchers, thanks to the First. Assuming the First doesn't suceed, there will always be a line of Slayers. And thus a need for Watchers. Dawn could very well be the first of a new breed of Watcher. I like the sound of that. It gives her an interesting place in the world--no longer the Key, no longer lame, whiny little sister of the Slayer. But Watcher. The one to train the future Slayers and keep the world safe from evil.

They may not go that way, but then again, who'd have thought Spike could get a soul?
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:10 AM
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21 January 2003
One of these days, I may actually get to post on a regular basis. What's it been? Two weeks? Three? Bah. Stupid job. How dare they make me work for my money!

Well, things seem to be calming down here again. Finally. Since Thanksgiving it's been brutal. Heck, who am I kidding--since the lousy strike it's been a total mess. But some sense of normality is finally returning. And with it the chance to keep up a bit with NRO, occasionally email friends, and maybe, just maybe blarg once in a while.

Like now, for instance!

Not that I have all that much to say. Just an update on ye olde novel. It's taken longer than planned, (only really had time on my lunches) but the edits on the rough are finally done. And once I get the second round of edits taken care of (it's now passed through the hands of my editor-in-chief, my lovely wife), I can pass it on to my other two trusty editors, Jonathon and Joyce (and I know Joyce is pleased about that one). Just another night or so. And I've already started on Chapter 32, so this blasted thing is nearly done. So very close. Maybe another month? Maybe two? Can't say--these will be long chapters, so it depends on how quickly and easily they come out. But for any of you in Dallas, if you're here when I've typed "The End," we are so partying.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:16 PM
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02 January 2003
And on the writing front...

...I finished Chapter 31 today! Well, I've finished the rough, anyway. Still need to edit and type, of course. But the meat of it is done. And, unexpectedly, Chapter 32 is a good ten pages done already. I realised that a large chunk of 31 didn't belong there--too premature for the story. So that bit will get shunted off to the beginning of 32. Things are moving. If I can keep up the pace, it shouldn't be more than a month or two.

Goodness, but I cannot wait!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   10:34 PM
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Jonathon, you're the best!

So, New Year's Eve, we had a half day here. I decided to make use of my part of the Christmas money Kathy and I had received by going off in search of computer parts. I've been needing an upgrade for a while now. There's only so long you can get by with your former roommate's 166Mhz processor and a board that's so ancient it can only read 8 gig of an 18 gig hard drive. I borrowed Jonathon for a jaunt off the Fry's, the biggest Jawa truck around, and shopping ensued.

I've now got a nice 1.3Ghz AMD Duron, and after much cursing and annoyance on J's part, the system seems finally to be working properly. Oh, sure, there are the usual issues that Windows always manages to come up with. Right now I'm trying to figure out exactly why it doesn't want to do a regular shut down, but proceeds to restart. But it's not a major issue. Not like the weirdness it was exhibiting last night (which looked major, but thankfully turned out not to be). J rushed over to help before I even had a chance to say, "Whoa, wait, it can wait a day, really!", and thankfully it was just a moronic plug from the power source which had decided to leap from the pins on which it belongs. Problem solved. I'm now slowly getting all my random programs re-installed, and seeking out the stupid Windows functions that need turning off. No, I do not need the Active Desktop toolbar, thank you very much! Soon, I will actually be able to watch the Two Towers trailer in its entirety, instead of the random frame every 30 seconds or so. I'll be able to load on the nifty-looking game Kathy's dad got for us. I'll be able to have more than two programs running simultaneously. And for all this, I have Jonathon to thank. (Though I hope he realises I have no qualms about calling him in again should anything go wrong.)

He's getting married this June, and I get to ush for him. It's an honour and a pleasure, and I hope it in some small way will repay him for all his help. It (and nothing else I can think of) cannot, however, repay him for his friendship all these years.

Thanks, J!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:12 AM
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