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27 December 2002
I've yet to decide what I think of this whole Homeland Security deal, but today's
Non Sequitur is terrific.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   8:33 AM
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24 December 2002
XMas Eve!

Well, it's finally here, and tomorrow my wife can give in to the desire to dive into the mysteries underneath all the wrapping paper and boxes and ribbons. Well, not the ribbons, 'cause if we'd used that, the cat would've gnawed on them by now, making herself sick. It's been a trial (a rather fun trial, at that) holding Kathy back from the presents, but now the time is nigh.

We've both got a half day today, so I'm nearly outta here. And then a bit of relaxation begins. Thank goodness. Too bad we've got to be back on Thursday. But then we've got our holiday party on Friday, and dinner with Mom Saturday, so there's even more to look forward to this weekend. All in all, a happy holiday.

Take care everyone! And have a Merry Christmas!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:53 AM
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23 December 2002
Wedding Weekend

Congratulations must go out to friends Bob and Steph, who were happily married this past Saturday. Everything came off very nicely, and we wish them all the best. No worries about that, though--they are yet another in a long line of happy couples with whom we have the fortune of being friends.

Congrats must also go out to our leg muscles, which, while suffering greatly, seem to have survived (more or less intact, at least) the tortures we inflicted upon them Friday night playing Laser Tag. Repeatedly. We're just grateful no one got seriously hurt before the wedding. A bride or groom with a black eye would probably not go over too well. If anything, the photographer (Hi, Brenda!) would've killed us.

That leaves one couple in June, who know well who they are. Before the end of college, I'd not been to a single wedding. These last few years there've been a flurry of them. Funny how the priorities of life change.

Ah, well. Not trying to be profound. (And not exactly succeeding, either.) Just wanting to tell our friends we love them, and are happy as can be for them in the new life they're starting.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   11:16 AM
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13 December 2002
Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! May the luckiest and niftiest day of the year be pleasant for you!
Jelly Pinched Wolf   9:13 AM
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12 December 2002
The president of the company is coming over from Seoul on Monday. So, even though he'll likely pass by our pathetic little cubicles as though they were nothing more than chaff, or possibly as unseemly as detritus, we have been instructed by the Cleanliness Police that HR has suddenly become to tidy our areas and remove anything that makes it look like we actually use our desks. We will even receive an inspection on the morrow to make sure we pass muster.

There are times, like this one, that I'm glad to be a temp. Looking around at my full-time neighbours, I would hate to have to find a place to stow all of the papers and files and other random bits o' stuff that are necessary to deal with their jobs.

Now, maybe it's just because I'm in the midst of the gritty end of the paper-pushing world, but it seems to me that a body tap tap tapping away at his computer beneath a mound of paper would come off as a good and solid worker, one willing to wade through all the muck and perhaps turn out a good day's work in the process. Methinks we'll all look pretty lame with spotless desks and no paper on them. I can't help but wonder--will the pres ask why we seem to have so little work to do? Will he wonder why it's worth their while to keep so many in positions where so little paper is getting moved? Ah, or will he just be distracted by the lovely grey walls of the cubicles. We all know what a sight they are.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:31 PM
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11 December 2002
Have you ever noticed that if there is a rip in the garbage bag, no matter where the rip might be, there are always coffee grounds right near it to go spilling out? Why is that? Do the remains of the coffee just long to be free? Or is it merely a way to spite you before you've sent them out into the cold, cold world?

Will we ever know?
Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:53 PM
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10 December 2002
Managed to get a nice little rant going in an email to my wife this morning in regards to an article she posted on
her blog.

Having not blargged in some time, I figured I'd clean it up a bit and post it here for the enjoyment of anyone still holding out hope that I might have time to continue blargging. First, if you haven't already, check out the article here.

And now, my mini-rant:

What idiots! The thing that got me was the end--Republicans becoming worried because the president of the AFL-CIO has spoken against war. He doesn't represent the blue collar view--not really. He's a union president--he doesn't work on the lines with the actual union members. At least, I doubt he does. (I confess, I don't know the inner workings of the union hierarchies. And I'm mighty glad about that. But I think my guess is likely fairly square-on.) Of course he can afford to speak out against war. Meanwhile, the workers are likely thinking, "War is good for our type of business. It brings government contracts, and a call for the things that we produce." Industrial-type jobs boom in war. It's the union presidents who have no place.

And then there's the bit about today's anti-war protests. Nationwide civil disobedience--what the heck do they have to be civilly disobedient about? I don't get it. Protest was designed to stop wrongs that are happening to one's own people. The Boston Tea Party--that's a proper use of protest. All these losers want is to feel good about themselves, that they're "helping the poor unfortunate Iraqis"--but without actually getting involved. If they truly wanted to help, they'd support us going in and ousting the Iraqi dictator and freeing the people to make a good life for themselves. Or they'd jump on the first military plane to Baghdad and start dropping the missiles with their own hands. That would be helping. Unlike whining and patting themselves on the back by "protesting." That's not help. It's arrogance.
Jelly Pinched Wolf   4:30 PM
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